Haraway, Donna: When Species Meet [en]

Haraway, D. J. (2008). When species meet. University of Minnesota Press.

Whom do we touch when we touch a dog? How does this touch shape our multispecies world?

Donna J. Haraway contemplates the interactions of humans with many kinds of critters, especially with those called domestic. From designer pets to lab animals to trained therapy dogs, she deftly explores philosophical, cultural, and biological aspects of animal–human encounters. In this deeply personal yet intellectually groundbreaking work, Haraway develops the idea of companion species, those who meet and break bread together but not without some indigestion.

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Schlagwörter / keywords

anthropozentrismus | derrida, jacques | feminismus | humanismus | kulturphilosophie | mensch-tier-beziehung | ökologie | philosophie | posthumanismus

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